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Appendixes - Gluten Free Off the Shelf

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Gluten Free Off the Shelf

Unless a food is specifically labeled “gluten free”—which more and more manufacturers have started to do—it can be difficult to find safe foods to eat if you’re gluten intolerant, especially when recipes of once-safe foods suddenly change.

If you have a favorite food you’d rather use but you’re not sure if it’s gluten free, call the toll-free customer service number on the product. Most manufacturers are more than willing to answer your questions.

And because the ingredients can change without warning, read all ingredient lists all the time so you can be completely sure a food is free of gluten.

Note this list is not all-inclusive. Many other foods are gluten free, and more arrive on store shelves every day. Keep your eyes open, and add to this list as you find safe foods.

Baking products

Argo Cornstarch

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

Authentic Foods Flours (labeled gluten free)

Baker’s Chocolate Squares

Bertolli Oil Products

Bob’s Red Mill Flours (labeled gluten free)

Calumet Baking Powder

Clabber Girl Baking Powder

Crisco Oils

Eden Organic Kudzu Root Starch

Featherweight (Hain) Baking Powder

Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips

Gluten-Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

Hain Oils

Hearth Club Baking Powder

Hershey’s Baking Cocoa

Just White’s (Deb-El Food Products)

Kingsford Baking Powder

Mazola Oils

McCormick Pure Extracts

Nestlé Cocoa Powder

Now Stevia Extract Powder

Real Lemon Juice

Real Lime Juice

Red Star Yeast

Regina Cooking Vinegars

Rodelle Gourmet Vanilla Extract

Rumford Baking Powder


Tropical Source Chocolate Chips

Wesson Oils

Wholesome Sweeteners Blue Agave Nectar


Health Valley Beef Broth

Health Valley Chicken Broth

Health Valley Vegetable Broth

Herb-Ox Bouillon

Imagine Natural Organic Broths

Imagine No Chicken Broth

Pacific Foods of Oregon Natural Broths


Arrowhead Mills Corn Grits

Arrowhead Mills Sweetened Rice Flakes

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats

Ener-G Foods Toasted Granola

Enjoy Life Foods Granola Crunch

Erewhon Aztec Crunchy Corn and Amaranth

General Mills Rice Chex

Gluten-Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal

Health Valley Corn Crunch-ems

Health Valley Rice Crunch-ems

Nature’s Path Corn Flakes

Condiments and seasonings

A1 Steak Sauce

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Bragg’s Liquid Aminos Soy Sauce

Classico Red Sauces

Contadina Pasta Sauce (glass jar)

Del Monte Ketchup

Early California Olives

French’s Mustard

Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar

Heinz BBQ Chicken and Rib Sauce

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar

Heinz Ketchup

House of Tsang Sesame Oil

Hunt’s Tomato Paste

Kraft Italian Dressing

Kraft Ranch Dressing

Kraft Thousand Island Dressing

La Choy Soy Sauce

Lea & Perrins Original Worcestershire Sauce

Lindsay Olives

Lipton Onion Soup

McCormick Taco Seasoning

Miracle Whip

Ortega Picante Sauce

Pace Picante Sauce

Parkay Squeeze Margarine

Regina Vinegars

San-J Wheat-Free Tamari

Spectrum Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar

Spectrum Naturals Balsamic Vinegar

Thai Kitchen Red Chili Sauce

Vlasic Pickles

Vlasic Sliced Jalapeños

Westbrae Unsweetened Ketchup

Wishbone Italian Dressing

Dairy and dairy substitutes

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Non-Dairy Beverage

Deli-Deluxe American Cheese (Kraft)

Egg Beaters Liquid Egg Whites (regular and with yolks)

Follow Your Heart “Cheddar”

Follow Your Heart “Mozzarella”

Galaxy Foods Rice Vegan “Cheeses”

Imagine Rice Dream Non-Dairy Beverages

Kraft Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Pacific Foods Milk

Sargento Deli Cheese Slices

Silk Cultured Soy Yogurt

Silk Soymilk

Silk Yogurt

Soy Dream Non-Dairy Beverages

Thai Kitchen Pure Coconut Milk

Velveeta Cheese (plain)

WhiteWave Foods Tofu (extra firm, firm organic, firm, hard, organic soft)

Yoplait Yogurt

Pasta and noodles

Ancient Harvest Quinoa

Ener-G Foods Rice Pastas

Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Pasta

Orgran Pasta

Thai Kitchen Plain Rice Noodles

Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta


Boar’s Head Meats

Bryan Smoked Ham Slices

Bryan Smoked Turkey Slices

Bumble Bee Canned Seafood

Canino’s Sausage

Di Lusso Beef Summer Sausage

Eckrich Jalapeño and Cheddar Sausages

Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausages

Honeysuckle White Turkey (except teriyaki)

Hormel Bacon

Hormel Black Label Bacon

Hormel Chunk Breast of Chicken (canned)

Hormel Chunk Ham (canned)

Hormel Chunk Turkey (canned)

Hormel Old Smokehouse Bacon

Hormel Pepperoni (regular and turkey)

Jennie-O Breakfast Lover’s Turkey Sausage

Jimmy Dean Sausage

Kirkland Albacore Tuna

Progresso Tuna in Olive Oil (albacore)

Starkist Tuna (canned)

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