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Argentina - Barba Roja

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Barba Roja

Ruta 25 N° 2567, Escobar, 1625, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Part of a leisure park complex in Escobar, Barba Roja is a pirate-themed brewpub. The heritage of the range of beers is unashamedly German, but with a local twist.

Brewing secret

The area is renowned for its flowers and fruit—all of which feature in some of the brewery’s seasonal beers.

Barba Roja Negra

beer style: Dark Lager
alcohol content: 4.5% ABV

A European-style Münchner, the beer’s darkness offset by a white head. Fresh tasting and smooth.

Barba Roja Winner

beer style: Doppelbock
alcohol content: 4.8% ABV

Hints of chocolate and liquorice in this double bock. Sweet, with a warming finish.

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