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Australia - Bridge Road Brewers

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Bridge Road Brewers

2 Bridge Road, Beechworth, Victoria, 3747, Australia

Winemaker-turned-brewer Ben Kraus operates from his home town in regional Victoria—where renegade bushranger Ned Kelly was sentenced to death. Kraus has a wide range of beers on tap at his brewery door bar.

Brewing secret

Ben is one of the few Australian brewers to produce styles such as saison and bière de garde.

Beechworth Australian Ale

beer style: Australian Pale Ale
alcohol content: 4.4% ABV

Quaffable, easy-drinking cloudy ale, which balances fruity notes with moderate hop bitterness.

Chevalier Saison

beer style: Saison
alcohol content: 6% ABV

Lively carbonation, complex palate, with hints of sherbet, wine, fennel, and yeast; a tingling, dry-ish finish.

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