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Belgium - Rochefort

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8, Abbaye de Notre Dame de St-Remy, B5580, Rochefort, Belgium

Though brewing has been carried out here since 1900, it is only since 1998 that Rochefort has used labels on their bottled beer. Small may well be beautiful, but that does not preclude the search for innovation, and recently the smallest of the Walloon Trappist breweries decided to employ a lay brewmaster, Gumer Santos, to work on their beer production. Since then, an amazing new lagering room has begun taking shape next to the abbey church, and the few visitors allowed into the abbey are now proudly shown the brand new tasting room.

Brewing secret

All beers share one basic recipe, but are separately brewed and so may vary a little. As with most Trappist breweries, production is voluntarily limited.

Rochefort 6 (Red)

beer style: Abbey Ale
alcohol content: 7.5% ABV

Six is a veiled reference to the beer’s density (1060 OG)—and this lightest and rarest Rochefort enjoys a very fruity taste.

Rochefort 8 (Green)

beer style: Abbey Ale
alcohol content: 9.2% ABV

On top of the fruit flavors are the bready, dark, and roasted malts—a nourishing Trappist ale.

Rochefort 10 (Blue)

beer style: Abbey Ale
alcohol content: 11.3% ABV

A superior Trappist ale, with toffee, chocolate, raisins, and port flavors, and incomparable complexity.

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