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Blending Herbs and Spices - Marinades

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Marinades tenderize and enhance flavor, and they also preserve food. They are useful in preparing fish, meat, and poultry to be grilled, roasted, or fried. Mix the ingredients in a container that will not react with acid (glass or ceramic, for example). Immerse the food in the marinade, turning it periodically. Keep in the refrigerator, but bring to room temperature before cooking. Marinate fish for 1–2 hours, shellfish for up to 1 hour; allow 3–4 hours for pieces of meat or chicken; large pieces of meat or a whole chicken can be left overnight. A marinade can be used to baste food while it is cooking, but never keep it for re-use. Some of the other mixtures can also be used as marinades – see Cuban adobo and Chilean aliño, Seasoning, Masala for fish, and the Barbecue and Cajun mixtures .

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