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Cooking with the Seasons All-year ingredients - All-year Fish and Shellfish

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© Provided by DKBooks

All-year Fish and Shellfish

Fish and shellfish that are caught wild are subject to seasonal fluctuations in availability and, due to sustainability issues, there are sometimes fishing quotas imposed on them as well. However, many of the most popular fish and shellfish are now farmed and therefore easily obtainable all year round. Whether you choose wild fish or farmed fish, be sure that they come from sources that are both sustainable and environmentally sound.






Pacific or rock oysters


king scallops

sea bass

black rockfish

brown trout

rainbow trout

sea trout



Rope-grown mussels are an excellent sustainable seafood. Farming them in this way means that the traditional avoidance of the summer spawning season doesn’t apply.


Farmed scallops are available all year, but are at their sweetest and best in the spring and summer months.


A popular fish worldwide, most Atlantic salmon now comes from fisheries. Farmed salmon can be of excellent quality and flavor, with a good balance of oil.


With its meaty, white flesh, farmed Atlantic halibut is a good fish to steam, pan-fry, grill, poach, and bake, making it suitable for use in all seasons.


Farmed trout, such as rainbow trout, are often bigger and have paler flesh than wild trout. The various wild species are best in spring and summer.

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