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Czech Republic - Janáček

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Neradice 369, 688 16, Uherský Brod, Czech Republic

Weary of leasing the Kaunic family brewery, František Janáček built his own in 1894, and it was soon regarded as the best in southeast Europe. His son Jaromír turned it into one of the most modern, then his nephew guided it through a period of considerable reconstruction. Today it combines modernity with tradition.

Janáček Extra

beer style: Premium Lager
alcohol content: 5% ABV

Full and robust, with a malt-filled aroma and affable, leafy hop-influenced bitterness.

Kvasničák 10°

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 4% ABV

An unfiltered “yeast beer”, lightly hopped, with refreshing carbonation and a spicy breadlike palate.

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