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Denmark - Royal Unibrew

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Royal Unibrew

Faxe Allé 1, DK-4640, Faxe, Denmark

Formerly The Danish Brewery Group, Royal Unibrew is Denmark’s second largest brewery and Scandinavia’s largest exporter. The company owns two regional breweries, Faxe and Albani, Danish brands such as Ceres, Thor, and Maribo, and a number of international breweries. The Royal brand is its most popular in Denmark.

Royal Export

beer style: Premium Lager
alcohol content: 5.6% ABV

The best-selling beer in the range has mild, aromatic, and balanced taste. It uses a special yeast to give a smooth, vinous character.

Ceres Julehvidtøl

beer style: White Beer
alcohol content: 1.9% ABV

A classic low-alcohol Christmas brew with dark malts and sugar giving a sweet, full-bodied taste.

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