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Europe - Netherlands

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The Best-known Dutch Beers

The vast majority of beer drunk in Holland is pils put out by one of four large brewing groups: Heineken, Bavaria, Grolsch, and Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Between them, these brewing companies control about 95 percent of the Dutch beer market—Heineken leading the way with 50 percent, and its three competitors following with around 15 percent each. Heineken’s main offerings are their ubiquitous Pils, Amstel Pils, the better-quality Amstel 1870 (another pils) and witbier Wieckse Witte. During the autumn bock season, sweet Heineken Tarwebock and the surprisingly-good Amstel Bock are available. Bavaria, now the largest wholly Dutch-owned brewer, concentrates on the cheaper end of the market. In addition to their branded Bavaria Pils, they also produce several own-label beers for supermarket chains. Anheuser-Busch InBev closed their largest Dutch brewery, Oranjeboom, in Breda, in 2002. Dommelsch, their largest remaining plant, is much smaller, and large quantities of Jupiler Pils are imported from Belgium. Dommelsch Pils, strong lager Dommelsch Dominator, and autumn seasonal Dommelsch Bokbier Primeur are the main Dutch-brewed brands.

Heineken Pils (Pils 5% ABV)

Heineken Tarwebock (Bock 6.5% ABV)

Amstel Pils (Pils 5% ABV)

Amstel 1870 (Pils 5% ABV)

Amstel Bock (Bock 7% ABV)

Bavaria Pils (Pils 5% ABV)

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