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Finland - Finlandia

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Suokulmantie 237, Matku, Forsaa, FI-31110, Finland

Finlandia is a specialist brewer of sahti, a traditional Finnish home-brew made with rye and other grains, flavored with juniper twigs and berries. Beer enthusiasts can sample Finlandia Sahti in Helsinki at St. Urho’s Pub and the Restaurant Savotta. The best time to do so is during Helsinki’s Sahti Week, which takes place in May each year.

Sahti Strong

beer style: Sahti
alcohol content: 10% ABV

Sweet and somewhat oily on the palate; the juniper nose gives way to a bubblegum aftertaste.


beer style: Sahti
alcohol content: 8% ABV

A deep chestnut color, with a heavy juniper nose and a hint of blackcurrant.

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