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Fried - Quick Nibbles - Buy-and-Arrange Ideas for Quick-to-Prepare Snacks

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These quick nibbles are perfect to serve at the beginning of the evening while your guests are arriving. The recipes are devilishly addictive, especially the caramelized nuts and crostinis. Choose your nibbles according to the theme of the evening, how much time you have left to prepare food, and the drinks you are serving.

Spanish or Italian deli plate

Visit your local delicatessen or supermarket in search of special foods to create either a Spanish or Italian theme. Look for items such as pickled garlic, breads and breadsticks, marinated artichoke hearts, olives, peperoncini, salted almonds, interesting cheeses, salamis, and air-dried hams, such as Serrano or prosciutto. Serve them presented on a platter.

Selection of sushi

Visit your local supermarket or a specialty shop and buy the freshest sushi available. Serve the selection of fish and rolls with chopsticks, wasabi paste, soy dipping sauce, and perhaps a few glasses of sake.

Pistachios or Japanese rice-coated peanuts

Visit your local supermarket or a specialty shop to buy fresh, unshelled pistachios, Japanese rice-coated peanuts, or any other of your favorite nuts, and serve them in small bowls.

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