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Germany - Au in der Hallertau

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Au in der Hallertau

Schlossbrauerei Au in der Hallertau, Schlossbräugasse 2, 84072, Au, Germany

Au is at the heart of the largest hop-growing area in the world. It was linked with the master brewer Schweiger in 1590 and, since 1846, has been owned by six generations of the Earls Beck of Peccoz. A modern approach is an essential feature of the management at Au in der Hallertau.


beer style: Export
alcohol content: 5% ABV

Golden color, full-bodied taste with fine bitters of hops and clear malt. Nice finish, not too sweet.

Holledauer Leichtes

beer style: Wheat Beer
alcohol content: 3.3% ABV

A cloudy yellow, light wheat beer, fresh and lightly sparkling; not too heavy a taste, and with a slightly bitter finish.

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