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Germany - Hasseröder

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Auerhahnring 1, 38855, Wernigerode, Germany

Hasseröder is a name known around the world for sports sponsorship. Production started in 1882 and was an immediate success. It was the best-selling beer in East Germany—and the pilsner lovers in the west did not wait long after Reunification to try it.

Brewing secret

Water from the Harz mountains imparts a smoothness.

Hasseröder Premium Export

beer style: Export
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Smooth, with some sweetness and a harmonious bitter aroma of hops with malty notes; golden color.

Hasseröder Premium Pils

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 4.9% ABV

Full-bodied pilsner taste; well balanced bitter aromas of fine hops, and malty flavors.

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