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Germany - Herrngiersdorf

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Schlossallee 5, 84097, Herrngiersdorf, Germany

Herrngiersdorf is situated between Regensburg and Landhut, in the middle of Niederbayern. With more than 875 years of history behind it, this is the oldest private brewery in the world. It has been owned by the Pausinger family since 1899. Since 1995 the sixth generation of the family has been managing it.


beer style: Bock
alcohol content: 7.3% ABV

A typical dark doppelbock with a light taste of caramel; very full-bodied and sweet in the finish.


beer style: Dunkel
alcohol content: 4.9% ABV

This beer is very dark and has a strong taste, with very roasty malt aromas and light bitters of hops. (The Irish would love it…)

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