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Meat - Mediterranean Table

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Fried artichokes, Roman style

Photo: Fried artichokes, Roman style © Provided by DKBooks Fried artichokes, Roman style

Three-tomato salad

Photo: Bresaola and pear rolls © Provided by DKBooks Bresaola and pear rolls

Photo: Three-tomato salad © Provided by DKBooks Three-tomato salad

Rosemary lamb cutlets

Photo: Gorgonzola crostini © Provided by DKBooks Gorgonzola crostini

Chocolate Frangelico pudding

Photo: Rosemary lamb cutlets © Provided by DKBooks Rosemary lamb cutlets

Bresaola and pear rolls

Photo: Chocolate Frangelico pudding © Provided by DKBooks Chocolate Frangelico pudding

Gorgonzola crostini

In the countries that sit along the Mediterranean Sea, you will encounter people who are perhaps more passionate and spirited about food than those you meet anywhere else. Food is paramount here, and life revolves around mealtimes. Of course, if we could all eat al fresco year-round, under the gently soothing sun, we might quickly adjust our priorities, too.

If you want to be assured of creating outstanding Mediterranean food, then it is important to track the seasons. Each brings its own fresh bounty: spring artichokes, summer tomatoes, fall mushrooms, and bitter winter radicchio. Conveniently, grassy extra-virgin olive oils, capers, anchovies, and nutty Parmesan remain all year. Most herbs are embraced in Mediterranean cuisine; sage, basil, parsley, and dill all make an appearance, adding freshness and perfume.

To dress the table, opt for cheerful sky blue or earthy mustard linen cloths, rustic white or terra-cotta plates and bowls, and pleasantly worn plain steel or bone-handled cutlery. Fill a large water pitcher with fresh flowers, such as yellow mimosa, twist open a Campari soda, and bring the warmth and glow of Mediterranean sunshine into your home.


Sky blue

Mustard yellow

French blue

Delicate lavender

Bone white


Distressed white china

Bone-handled cutlery

Yellow mimosa flowers

Rustic terra-cotta plates

Plain linen napkins


Grassy olive oil

Sage, basil, parsley, and dill

Salty capers and anchovies

Fragrant cheeses

Fresh lemon


Marinated anchovies

Parmesan crisps

Prosciutto-wrapped melon

Roasted garlic with bread

Spanish or Italian deli plate


Fried artichokes, Roman style with saffron aioli

Bresaola and pear rolls with arugula and parmesan

Three tomato salad with goat cheese and croutons

Gorgonzola crostini with garlic greens and raisins

Rosemary lamb cutlets with fresh mint and parsley sauce

Chocolate Frangelico pudding with hazelnuts

Buy and arrange

Pesto and aioli with grissini breadsticks

Marinated green olives with celery

Prosciutto-wrapped melon

Two days before

Make croutons for tomato salad

Make crostini

Marinate lamb cutlets

Marinate green olives

The night before

Prepare artichokes and leave to soak in lemon water

Make saffron aioli

Make chocolate Frangelico puddings

Four hours before

Make bresaola and pear rolls

Chop tomatoes for salad

Make prosciutto-wrapped melon

One hour before

Remove olives from refrigerator

Fry artichokes; keep warm in low oven

Make greens for Gorgonzola crostini

Organize cocktail Ingredients

At the last minute

Plate artichokes with saffron aioli

Plate bresaola and pear rolls

Finish three tomato salad; plate

Plate lamb cutlets with fresh mint and parsley sauce

Plate prosciutto-wrapped melon

Pour cocktails

Half an hour before

Assemble tomato salad without basil and dressing

Finish Gorgonzola crostini; plate

Sear lamb cutlets and keep warm under foil

Plate pesto, aioli, and grissini breadsticks

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