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Menu Planners - 15-minute Dinner

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15-minute Dinner

Fish is the perfect choice for speedy cooking, as it requires very little done to it, and can sit in a warm oven until required, leaving little last-minute cooking. The throw-together fruit dessert uses a “cheat” store-bought tart base, and can be assembled just before serving.


15 minutes

Main course

Put the fish in the oven to cook (step 2).


Prepare the fruit for the dessert, and chill.

10 minutes


Prepare the garlic mushrooms, and keep warm.

5 minutes

Main course

Make the dressing for the fish, and put to one side.


Serve the mushrooms.

Keep the fish warm (in the turned-off oven).

Remove the fruit from the refrigerator. Add the fruit to the cake base with ice cream just before serving.

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