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More Beers of the US - Nimbus

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3850 East 44th Street, Tucson, Arizona, 85713, USA

Nimbus has made ales since 1997, first using equipment scavenged from Vermont and later modernizing and expanding. The name comes from founder-brewer Nimbus Couzin.

Brewing secret

The water profile here is much like that of Burton-on-Trent in England—hard and rich in sulfur.

Palo Verda Pale Ale

beer style: Pale Ale
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Abundant Northwest hop aroma, and flavors of citrus and pine. Best quaffed close to the brewery.

Old Monkeyshine

beer style: Old Ale
alcohol content: 8% ABV

Rich malts and British hops give this beer an old-world feel. Full-bodied, with caramel, chocolate and even Christmas-cake flavors.

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