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More Beers of the US - Sweetwater

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195 Ottley Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30324

This is the dominant craft brewery in the southeast. Its flagship Extra Pale Ale continues to drive strong growth, but, since Georgia has permitted the sale of stronger beer, SweetWater has done well with hefty brews like its 6.4% IPA and Festive Ale.

Brewing secret

Festive Ale is brewed on only one day of each year.

420 Extra Pale Ale

beer style: Pale Ale
alcohol content: 5.2% ABV

A light-on-the tongue blend of citrussy hops and honeyish malt.

Festive Ale

beer style: Spiced Beer
alcohol content: 8.6% ABV

A holiday offering, as malt-rich as its mahogany color suggests. Spiced with both cinnamon and mace, but not overdone.

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