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Netherlands - La Trappe

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La Trappe

Eindhovenseweg 3, Berkel-Enschot, Netherlands

There are just seven genuine Trappist breweries in the world; Koningshoeven (better known as La Trappe) is the only one outside Belgium. The monastery had problems recruiting new monks, and that was one of the factors that prompted the sale of the brewery to Bavaria. Brewing still takes place within the monastery grounds under the supervision of the monks.

La Trappe Witte Trappist

beer style: Witbier
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Unspiced, but a subtle use of aromatic hops more than compensates, providing delicious citrus and pepper flavors.

La Trappe Tripel

beer style: Strong Ale
alcohol content: 8% ABV

Sweetness and fruit give way to coriander, orange, and hop bitterness in this supremely balanced beer.

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