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Party Food - Canapés

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For a cocktail party, a generous selection of meat and vegetarian food is needed, and it should be easy to eat with your hands, presented in bite-sized portions, or on sticks. This menu meets both criteria. Lots of the dishes can conveniently be made ahead of time.


4 hours

Make the shrimp and chicken empanadas , leave to cool, and put in a sealable container.

3 hours

Make the tortilla , chill, and cut up into bite-size pieces. Cover and put to one side.

Toast the bread, ready for the crostini .

1 hour

Roast the pumpkin and prepare the ricotta mixture for the crostini . Assemble, plate, and cover.

Cook the lamb , then skewer it and keep warm until needed.

Make the smoked chicken with basil mayonnaise .

30 minutes

Cook the scallops , then skewer with the Parma ham, and plate.

Make the cucumber rounds , and top with the mayonnaise. Plate.


Garnish all the dishes, if you like.

Put some aïoli or mayonnaise in a small dish to accompany the empanadas.

Uncover dishes, and serve.

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