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Skewers - Middle Eastern Delights

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Saffron chicken skewers

Photo: Garbanzo and chili pepper dip © Provided by DKBooks Garbanzo and chili pepper dip

Saffron feta phyllo triangles

Photo: Saffron chicken skewers © Provided by DKBooks Saffron chicken skewers

Cardamom-poached apricots

Photo: Saffron feta phyllo triangles © Provided by DKBooks Saffron feta phyllo triangles

Photo: Pan-fried halloumi salad © Provided by DKBooks Pan-fried halloumi salad

Garbanzo and chili pepper dip

Photo: Yellow lentil soup © Provided by DKBooks Yellow lentil soup

Yellow lentil soup

Photo: Cardamom-poached apricots © Provided by DKBooks Cardamom-poached apricots

Pan-fried halloumi salad

Pack your bags for the spice trail. Begin your journey in Iran, continue on through Turkey, stay a little while in Morocco, and linger in Spain. These countries’ cuisines have each been molded by a legacy of Persian cooking brilliance.

A traditional Middle Eastern meal is composed of a variety of smaller dishes, which is the classic style of mezze and tapas. These diminutive little bites, from garbanzo dips to savory pastries, offer your taste buds truly memorable eating experiences. Lemons, olives, coriander, saffron, rose water, dried apricots, and pistachios are the stars of this exemplary food. Aromatic spices, fresh herbs, flaky pastry, and creamy legumes are present in endless, delicious variations.

So, light every candle you own and fill your home with a sensual glow. For the table, seek out creamy-colored linens and lightweight fabrics, such as voile; gold-rimmed glassware and tea glasses; and scatter red rose petals over everything. Picture Arabian nights and recreate the soft, romantic atmosphere that makes the Middle East so special.


Creamy ivory

Warm tangerine

Rose pink

Gold or silver

Cool violet


Tea lights and candles

Gold-rimmed glasses

Creamy-colored linens

Red rose petals

Embroidered napkins


Pungent cumin

Sharp lemon

Luxurious saffron

Dried fruits

Fragrant rose water



Marinated black olives

Hummus with smoked paprika

Sumac-dusted shrimp

Crushed feta dip


Garbanzo and chili pepper dip with pita crisps

Saffron chicken skewers with sweet tomato jam

Saffron feta phyllo triangles with preserved lemon and onion

Pan-fried halloumi salad with black olive dressing

Yellow lentil soup with prunes, pomegranates, and apricots

Cardamom-poached apricots with mascarpone and pistachios

Buy and arrange

Marinated black olives

Oranges with rose water and pomegranate seeds

Crushed feta dip

Two days before

Make sweet tomato jam

Make yellow lentil soup

Marinate black olives

The night before

Make pita crisps for the garbanzo dip

Marinate saffron chicken

Assemble saffron feta phyllo triangles

Make cardamom-poached apricots

In the morning

Puree base of garbanzo dip

Cut oranges and make black-olive dressing for halloumi salad

Make oranges with rose water

One to two hours before

Finish garbanzo dip

Sear saffron chicken

Pan-fry halloumi for the salad

Plate cardamom-poached apricots

Reheat yellow lentil soup

Organize cocktail Ingredients

Half an hour before

Reheat sweet tomato jam

Cook saffron chicken skewers

Plate oranges with rose water

Bake saffron feta phyllo triangles

Half an hour before

Plate garbanzo dip with pita crisps

Plate saffron chicken skewers

Plate halloumi salad with black olive dressing

Plate saffron feta phyllo triangles

Pour yellow lentil soup

Pour champagne cocktails

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