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Sweet Preserves - The Best Ingredients for… Conserves

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The Best Ingredients for… Conserves

Use the finest, juiciest, and most fragile fruits for conserves, which represent the zenith of jam-making. Other thin-skinned succulent fruits are also well-suited, and make handsome conserves.


These berries need time to reach perfection and become plump, sweet, and ebony blue-black. Choose only the best berries for conserves, and remove the inner core first.

Greengage plums

This exquisite variety of plum, with its honeyed sweetness, needs no other flavorings. Choose scented fruit showing a golden blush.

Dessert pears

Pears make gently sweet conserves. Choose dessert pears with a buttery flesh and copious juice, and flavor with lemon, lime, ginger, pear liqueur, or scented geranium leaves.


Conserves made with fragrant apricots are unrivaled for flavor. Add a few cracked kernels or Amaretto for a finishing touch.


This mild-flavored berry is ideal for conserves used either on its own, jazzed up with citrus fruit, or as part of a mixed berry conserve.


A hybrid berry with a richer flavor than raspberries, and equally as juicy. Pick perfect, just-ripe fruit for conserves in dry, warm weather.


Small whole fruits (even tiny wild strawberries) are best for conserves. Pick just-ripe fruit with care in warm, dry weather without squashing the berries.


These luscious fruits make classy conserves. Choose fine-flavored, thin-skinned varieties that just yield when gently pressed. Snip off the stems first.


Black Morello cherry is the classic sour cherry for making conserves, but any seasonal freshly picked black, red, or yellow-skinned cherries make delectable conserves.


The soft, juicy flesh of nectarines is perfect for conserves, and is heavenly if combined with strawberries (their paper-thin skin should peel easily when ripe).

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