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Sweets - Quick Sweets - buy-and-arrange ideas for fast desserts

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Sweets are generally served at the end of the evening, and for that reason alone, it makes good sense to have some simple dessert recipes in your repertoire. When the evening is in full swing, speed and ease are everything. Choose a sweet, or two, to complement the theme of the menu, such as Mediterranean or Middle Eastern.

Middle eastern pastries

Buy a selection of Middle Eastern pastries and sweets from your local supermarket or an ethnic bakery. Arrange some authentic Turkish delight, baklava, and any other pastries on small plates. If the pastries are large, cut them into bite-sized squares.

Unpeeled lychees and freshly sliced fruit

Buy a mixture of the freshest fruit you can find, such as unpeeled lychees, kiwi fruit, mango, pineapple, papaya, or watermelon. Slice them thickly, or into bite-sized chunks, and serve them in small bowls.

Indian sugar-coated fennel seeds

Packs of sugar-coated fennel seeds can be found in Indian or Middle Eastern food shops, or they can be bought online . Serve the seeds in small bowls.

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