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The Americas - Canada

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Canada’s Best-known Beers

In Canada today, the major brewers are either foreign-owned or have been forced to merge with international drinks corporations.

The most recent of these mergers affected Molson, which joined with US rival Coors in 2005. Anheuser-Busch InBev owns Labatt Breweries, and Japan’s Sapporo owns Sleeman Breweries, which is currently Canada’s third largest beer producer. The market in Canada for domestic beer is dominated by two brands, Labatt Blue and Molson Canadian, both of which are marketed using strong Canadian imagery of mountains, the great outdoors, and ice hockey. The big two have a long history in Canada. John Molson founded a brewery in Montreal in 1786 and John Kinder Labatt started in London, Ontario, in 1847. Both Molson and Labatt have a wide range of niche brands. Canada has many fine craft brewers and brewpubs, many operated using environmentally responsible brewing methods. The Cheval Blanc exemplifies this spirit. It is one of Canada’s best-known brewpubs and was the first to open in Montreal. A good time neighborhood tavern, it has been wowing locals and beer lovers from around the globe since 1986.

Labatt Blue (Pilsner 5% ABV) Illustrated here

Molson Canadian (Lager 5% ABV) Illustrated here

Sleeman Cream Ale (Ale 5% ABV) Illustrated here

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