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The Menus - Barbecue

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Spicy lamb chops

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© Provided by DKBooks

Photo: Fresh peach salsa © Provided by DKBooks Fresh peach salsa

Fresh peach salsa

Photo: Grilled salty cheese marinated with oregano © Provided by DKBooks Grilled salty cheese marinated with oregano

Grilled salty cheese marinated with oregano

Photo: Spicy lamb chops © Provided by DKBooks Spicy lamb chops


From Turkey to Singapore, Ecuador to Vietnam, many street food dishes are grilled on outside barbecues and grills. The methods of grilling vary as much as the ingredients, marinades, spice rubs, and recipes. Street food lends itself very well to the home or portable barbecue, and it is perfect for summer evenings or lazy weekends. Aromatic plumes of smoke often guided me to stalls selling delicious items that epitomized the countries that I visited. I smelled where I was going long before I saw the meat, fish, cheese, or vegetable ready to be devoured with the aid of nothing more than a pile of crumpled paper napkins. Anticipation of the food to be eaten creates a great sense of atmosphere. Your guests will be salivating.

The beauty of a barbecue is that, even though the preparation, marinating, and lighting of the thing may take some time, the actual cooking of the food is quick, and the results are instantly gratifying.

Menu 1

Grilled salty cheese marinated with oregano Brazil

Spicy lamb chops Morocco

Grilled artichokes with garlic, chili, and pine nuts Italy

Fresh peach salsa Mexico

Green cashew nut sauce Brazil

Menu 2

Summer rolls Vietnam

Mango, papaya, and pineapple salad Singapore

Chinese barbecued pork China

Skewers of beef with green chili sauce Thailand

Hot and sour squid and green mango salad Vietnam

Menu 3

Chaat with green chili and pomegranate India

Seared steak with chimichurri Argentina

Spiced grilled chicken with coconut cream Malaysia

Zucchini salad Morocco

Sweet potato and pumpkin doughnuts Ecuador

Menu 4

Grilled scallions wrapped in pancetta Italy

Lamb kebabs with white bean and tomato salad Turkey

Grilled sardines Turkey

Sesame salad Syria

Green tomato salsa Mexico

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