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The Menus - Cozy Night In

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© Provided by DKBooks

Marinated quail with caper sauce

Photo: Spicy bean soup © Provided by DKBooks Spicy bean soup

Spicy bean soup

Photo: Marinated quail with caper sauce © Provided by DKBooks Marinated quail with caper sauce

Pumpkin pudding

© Provided by DKBooks

Photo: Pumpkin pudding © Provided by DKBooks Pumpkin pudding

Cozy Night In

Street food is often thought of simply as snacks eaten with the fingers, but there are also much more elaborate dishes that constitute a whole meal. When transported into your home, they provide something completely different than the fare found at your average dinner party. If you like, serve the dishes in a continuous stream, as they are prepared. This is similar to the Asian style of eating where there is really no break and definition between courses. It is a very relaxed way of dining, as each guest has a bowl or small plate, and chooses whatever he or she wants to eat. The meal is not rushed, with breaks between dishes while another dish is prepared, leaving time for chatting. Your guests will definitely be impressed.

For a different approach, take your guests on an undulating journey of contrasting tastes in the form of small courses that do not leave you too full at the end of the meal. You could match each course with a different wine to make a really special event.

Menu 1

Spicy bean soup Morocco

Marinated quail with caper sauce Italy

Eastern jeweled pilaf Jordan

Spinach and walnut salad Syria

Pumpkin pudding Brazil

Menu 2

Mexican pumpkin flower soup Mexico

Pan-fried red mullet Italy

Stuffed eggplant with yogurt and pine nuts Lebanon

Carrot and orange salad Morocco

Date pastries Malta

Menu 3

Coconut and turmeric fish soup Sri Lanka

Potato and cumin curry India

Paper-wrapped chicken Malaysia

Fresh cilantro and peanut chutney Sri Lanka

Sichuan-style vegetable stir-fry China

Menu 4

Spicy seasoned potato in a cone India

Stuffed fish balls Lebanon

Grilled artichokes with garlic, chili, and pine nuts Italy

Bean patties with avocado and tomato salad Brazil

Honey and nut pastries Italy

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