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US - Duck-Rabbit

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4519 W Pine Street, Farmville, NC, 27828

Known for darkly intense beers, this is one of several small breweries that have thrived since North Carolina changed its law to allow beer stronger than 6% ABV. Duck-Rabbit’s distinctive logo is based on an illustration by philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Brewing secret

These quirky brewers say “We sing softly to the yeast.”

Baltic Porter

beer style: Baltic Porter
alcohol content: 9% ABV

Caramel, toffee, blackcurrants, and other dark fruits, perfectly blended. Smooth, with restrained bitterness.

Milk Stout

beer style: Stout
alcohol content: 5.7% ABV

A well-integrated combination of roasted coffee beans and chocolate, held together by a creamy palate. Sweet, but not too sweet.

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