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Headstand Pose

Angle-Based Images: Headstand Pose Video
Angle-Based Images: Headstand Pose Video
Angle-Based Images: Headstand Pose Video
Angle-Based Images: Headstand Pose Video
Angle-Based Images: Headstand Pose Video
Headstand Pose: Step 1
Step 1 Begin on all fours.
Headstand Pose: Step 2
Step 2 Interlace your fingers loosely, and place them and your forearms on the ground, elbows lined up with your shoulders.
Headstand Pose: Step 3
Step 3 Place the top of your head on the ground so that your fingers hold the back of your head. Stay here for a few breaths to get comfortable.
Headstand Pose: Step 4
Step 4 Next, tuck your toes, lift your hips high, and straighten your legs.
Headstand Pose: Step 5
Step 5 Start to walk your feet toward your body so that your hips line up over your shoulders and your back is straight up and down.
Headstand Pose: Step 6
Step 6 If you are comfortable here, bend one knee in and your bring heel to your butt. Bring it back down and try the other leg.
Headstand Pose: Step 7
Step 7 If you are steady with one leg, try both legs at the same time.
Headstand Pose: Step 8
Step 8 When your heels are pulled in toward your butt, slowly extend your legs straight up. Feet can be flointed or pointed. Breathe here for at least three deep breaths if you can. When you are ready to come down, slowly lower one leg at a time and rest in Child's Pose for a few breaths.
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Progressions & Variations

Beginner Tips

You can do this pose at a wall until you are comfortable enough to try it without support.


Avoid this pose if you have any neck ailments. Do not jump into this pose.


Strengthens arms, shoulders, core, and lungs. Said to calm the brain and alleviate stress and mild depression. Therapeutic for sinusitis, asthma, infertility, and insomnia. Is alleged to stimulate glands which release hormones responsible for homeostasis and a sense of well-being. Thought to improve digestion.


To make this easier, keep your knees bent in an egg shape.

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