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A Beachbody Trainer Shares 5 Simple Yet Effective Tips to Speed Up Fat Loss

Popsugar logo Popsugar 7/10/2018 Jenny Sugar

If you're looking to lose weight and get lean, Beachbody super trainer Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 80 Day Obsession, shared these five tips with POPSUGAR, and now we are sharing them with you! Here are five things you need to do to speed up your fat-loss results.

Stay Consistent

Stay Consistent © Getty / andresr Stay Consistent

"The best way to speed up your fat loss is to stay consistent with your healthy eating, workouts, sleep, and self-care," Autumn said. "The more consistent you are, the faster the results will come."

Make healthy eating easier by meal prepping at the beginning of the week. And schedule workouts in ways that will keep you accountable. Pay for a gym membership that encourages you to go a certain number of times a week, meet a friend for a fitness class, or tell yourself you'll hit the gym right after work without going home first.

Up the Intensity in Your Workouts

a person standing in front of a window: Up the Intensity in Your Workouts © Getty / PeopleImages Up the Intensity in Your Workouts

"If you've been doing the same workout for months, it's time to up the intensity or change it up completely," Autumn suggested. If you normally do steady state cardio like running or swimming, try doing HIIT training — it's been proven to burn more calories in less time and target belly fat. Here's a HIIT workout for weight loss you can try.

Add Weights to Your Routine

a person standing in front of a building: Add Weights to Your Routine © Getty / skynesher Add Weights to Your Routine

Weight training has so many health benefits. It builds lean muscle and increases bone density. Plus, depending on how you use the weights, if you move quickly, push yourself hard, and keep your heart rate up, weight training can also improve your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Think: cardio strength training. Autumn said this was one of her favourite forms of training. "Lean muscle takes up less room in your body, so while you're burning calories and fat and building muscle, you'll also be taking off the inches."

Get Enough Sleep

a person lying on a bed: Get Enough Sleep © Getty / mapodile Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make it harder to lose weight because it increases your hunger hormones, which increase your cravings, making you eat more the next day. "When you're tired, your body craves sugar," Autumn said. "It's looking for an immediate energy source. That's why when you're tired, you have stronger sugar cravings. If you give in to them, burning fat is going to be hard to do."

"When you work out during the day, you break your muscles down," she added. "When you sleep is when they repair and recover." If you're not getting enough sleep, you're not allowing your body to rest properly.

Shut off the TV, your phone, and lights at a reasonable hour. Try to make sleep and waking happen at the same time and get seven to eight hours nightly.

Give Up the White, Processed Stuff

a woman standing in front of a store: Give Up the White, Processed Stuff © Getty / Tang Ming Tung Give Up the White, Processed Stuff

This is a big one! Get rid of refined white flours, white sugars, and processed foods. Registered dietitian Stephanie Ferrari, MS, RDN, of Fresh Communications, told POPSUGAR that if you want to lose fat (especially belly fat), avoid these foods. Sugar and refined carbs spike your insulin levels, and when insulin levels are high, your body won't tap into its stored fat.

Autumn suggested eating whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, lean proteins, and healthy carbs like brown rice, potatoes, quinoa, and oats.

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