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How to Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays, From an Expert Who Trains Victoria's Secret Models

Popsugar logoPopsugar 7/10/2017

© Getty / Michael Stewart Christmas is just around the corner, which means there are going to be endless cocktails, homemade pies, and long dinners that last well into the night. It can be a struggle to maintain your level of fitness and stay healthy with all the festivities going on. 

That's why POPSUGAR spoke to celebrity trainer Michael Blauner, who has worked with countless Victoria's Secret models, and he gave some pretty useful tips for staying in shape during this busy time of year.

When Michael works with the VS Angels, who were both blessed with supermodel genes and work hard to keep their physiques, he makes sure he mixes up the workouts to keep their bodies guessing. But staying healthy isn't all about working out; it's about eating well and having the right mindset.

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Which is exactly why Michael gives this advice for getting through the Christmas holidays: "Stay focused, use visualisation, keeping your ideal feeling and thoughts of self, to stay on track." Positive thought goes a long, long way when you're trying to lose weight or just maintain your health, and Michael recommends tapping into that power. "Create a positive mantra to repeat to yourself that keeps you on track," he told POPSUGAR.

"But remember, it's totally cool to indulge — it's the holidays after all!" Michael said. "You may eat and drink more during the holidays, and if so, push yourself harder and a little longer during your workouts." Although it's much easier, especially during this time of year, to eat more calories than you burn, that doesn't mean you won't get any benefit from sticking to your fitness routine.

Enjoy yourself, but "put in the extra time at the gym to stay on top of your game," Michael suggested.

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