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New to Strength Training? This Trainer's Beginner Workout Will Get You Stronger and Leaner

Popsugar logo Popsugar 4 days ago Gina Florio
© Unsplash / Ayo Ogunseinde

Deciding what to do at the gym when you're a newbie can be stressful and overwhelming. It seems like everyone else knows what they're doing while you're still at square one. First of all, don't sweat it! We've all been in the beginner's seat before, including the experts you know and love (yep, Jillian Michaels included).

To help you get started with your weightlifting love affair, here's an exclusive strength-training workout from Ridge Davis, personal trainer in West Hollywood, CA, who has spent years helping women shape up their bodies and feel their very best. You'll need dumbbells and a cable machine for this workout, so head to your gym to complete it from start to finish.

Circuit 1

a man doing a trick on a skateboard: Circuit 1 © Unsplash / Ayo Ogunseinde Circuit 1

Do two sets of the following.

Circuit 2

a person in a blue shirt: Circuit 2 © Unsplash / Ayo Ogunseinde Circuit 2

Do two sets of the following:

Circuit 3

a person posing for the camera: Circuit 3 © Unsplash / Ayo Ogunseinde Circuit 3

Do two sets of the following.

Circuit 4

Circuit 4 © Unsplash / Ayo Ogunseinde Circuit 4

Do two sets of the following.

Circuit 5

Circuit 5 © Unsplash / Ayo Ogunseinde Circuit 5

Do three sets of the following.

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