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A guest has brought radio host Bianca Dye to tears. “I’m here to offer you my womb”.

Mamamia logo Mamamia 28/06/2017 Jessie Stephens
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This morning began like any other for Bianca Dye.

The co-host of Brisbane’s hit radio station 97.3 turned up to work well before most of us had been awakened by our impatient alarms, and was informed her team would be interviewing a woman named Kirsty about the subject of surrogacy.

The topic itself aroused some anxiety within Dye.

In early May, Dye wrote a letter to her unborn embryo for Mamamia, which she read live on radio at the time.

“I’m sorry I left you there all alone, I’m sorry I haven’t been back to get you yet…

“It took so much to get you, so much and then I just left you. I want you to know that I haven’t stopped thinking about you, I think about you every day,” she wrote.

“I do need to tell you a few things first though; for starters things fell apart with your dad, we didn’t make it, we tried so hard and I still love him so much but if I do come for you, I’ll be alone; I hope you’ll be okay with that?”

Dye has undergone five years of IVF, and is currently 44 years old.

But Kirsty from Griffin wasn’t just a guest who had some expert knowledge on surrogacy.

She’d heard Dye’s open letter to her embryos, and it had brought her to tears while dropping her son off at school one morning.

After a few minutes, Kirsty looked at Dye and said, “I’m actually here to offer you my womb.”

Dye was entirely overwhelmed by the proposal. “Thank you… oh guys,” she said, attempting to hold back tears.

“Jesus. You can’t just throw a womb question at me!” she continued.

As her voice broke, she explained that her womb is 44 this year, and is probably “looking a bit worse for wear.”

Dye currently has two fertilised embryos with her ex-partner, and thus if she chooses surrogacy, the baby would genetically be theirs.

“It’s a really big thing to offer. It’s huge…” she said to Kirsty, while profusely thanking her.

“I’ve been thinking about it lately and I’m booking this trip to Bali and I’m like, when are you going to think about having a baby?

You’re worrying about booking flights and you’re not worried about booking your womb!” she laughed.

“I’m really at a place in my life now where I don’t know what to do.”

Kirsty then outlined the surrogacy process, which would involve both parties getting in touch with surrogate lawyers and developing a written, formal agreement that works for them.

While the legal process is underway, both parties also need to undergo a counselling session.

As the segment drew to a close, Dye looked at Kirsty and said, “Kirsty, thank you. Thank you for offering me your womb.”

Speaking to Mamamia about the offer, Dye said, “I was really thrown this morning actually, I had no idea.”

“It’s a pretty big thing… a  pretty big call for someone to come into the studio, look you in the eye and say ‘I will carry your baby’. Especially someone that you’ve never met.”

“It’s kind of crazy,” she added, “but I guess that’s what I do for a living.”

In terms of her decision, Dye isn’t any closer to reaching one yet.

“I still have to make so many decisions,” she said. “I literally need to go home and think about it.”

“Will I still use the embryos I shared with my ex? Will I use the eggs that I have frozen? Will it happen at all? Do I want to go surrogate? Do I want to adopt?”

What began as a straightforward interview about surrogacy, ended up becoming a deeply personal offer that has the potential to change Dye’s life forever.

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