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Maya Rudolph's Guide to Dealing with the Stress of the Never-Ending News Cycle

ELLE logo ELLE 3 days ago Chloe Hall
Maya Rudolph standing in a room: The comedian opens up about what she's been doing in quarantine. © Jeff Kravitz The comedian opens up about what she's been doing in quarantine.

Maya Rudolph was just as stressed as we were in 2020 and, to be quite honest, 2021 isn't looking great either. Like us, the actress is going back to basics.

"Cleaning my house, being with my family, and snuggling with my puppy," are her top calming practices, she told She is also taking Natural Vitality Calm Supplements, a brand she is the new face of and featured in a few of their How-To videos. In the videos, she adds to her de-stressing checklist with options that include both screaming into a pillow and folding baby clothes, even if you don't have a baby.

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Below, Rudolph breaks down five steps to maintaining your calm.

Enjoy the downtime

"I have been relishing the downtime mainly because my family isn't so spread out doing various activities like we usually are during the school year," she explains. "I like it when everyone is at home."

For Rudolph, she's also used this period as a "big time" reset. "I am not taking it for granted."

Find your quarantine hobby

"Early quarantine I was making Sourdough bread and behaving like a pioneer woman," says Rudolph. "These days, I’ve learned to use Postmates and watch Harry Potter."

Fold baby clothes, even if you don't have a baby

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Put your energy somewhere else

Going back to Saturday Night Live was a gift for the comedian because she was able to channel her energy into playing Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Rudolph feels lucky to be connected to a place she loves so much.

Talk openly about anxiety

Rudolph, who plays Connie The Hormone Monstress on the Netflix show Big Mouth, is so happy the latest season of the show is dealing with anxiety head on. "[It's] just another taboo that needs to be destigmatized to show that we can all relate to it in some form of another," she adds. Rudolph also pointed out that while she may play Connie, she most relates to the character Jessi on the show.

When all else fails, scream into a pillow

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Do you

Rudolph is also staying sane by baking, streaming Tiger King (over Emily in Paris), living in sweats while blaring 'Savage' ft. Beyoncé, and of course, "stress-eating, always."

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