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Parents lose High Court bid to keep baby Charlie alive

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The parents of gravely ill baby Charlie Gard have been left devastated, after their High Court bid to keep him alive was rejected.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard, of west London, England, campaigned desperately for the funds to send Charlie to America, so he could receive an experimental treatment for his rare genetic condition.

But after hitting their target of $2 million (NZ), the couple went to the High Court for permission to overrule doctors in the UK, and take their eight-month-old baby abroad.

Sadly, Judge Mr Justice Francis announced his decision to allow doctor's to remove life-sustaining care from Charlie, after taking three days to review the evidence, and visit the child in hospital.

Charlie's parents announced through their solicitor that they are "devastated' by the decision, and disagree it's the best option for their child.

Charlie's life support will now be removed © Provided by Bauer Media Group (NZ) LP Charlie's life support will now be removed

Doctors treating Charlie maintain that there is nothing more that can be done for the infant, who has a rare genetic condition, as well as brain damage.

Charlie suffers from mitochondrial disease, a condition which causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage.

His devoted parents were desperate to take him to the US for an experimental treatment that they hoped might help him stay alive.

But the jurdge said this week that he felt Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity.

"It is with the heaviest of hearts, but with complete conviction for Charlie's best interests, that I find it is in Charlie's best interests that I accede to these applications ad rule that Great Ormond Street may lawfully withdraw all treatment save for palliative care, to permit Charlie to die with dignity."

"I want to thank the team of experts and carers at Great Ormond Street, and others who cannot be named, for the extraordinary care that they have provided to this family.

"Most importantly of all, I want to thank Charlie’s parents for their brave and dignified campaign on his behalf, but more than anything to pay tribute to their absolute dedication to their wonderful boy, from the day that he was born."

The barrister representing Great Ormond Street hospital outlined in her statement that Charlie's quality of life is so low, it's unfair to keep him alive.

He is mainly unable to move and has irreversible brain damage.

Fundraising site Go Fund Me say they will now discuss with the family what to do with the money donated for Charlie's medical care, that now will not be needed.

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