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20 Ways Your Cell Phone Harms Your Health

Best Life Logo By Emerald Catron of Best Life | Slide 1 of 21: “One of my favorite aspects of the smartphone revolution is the interconnected nature of devices,” says Luke Hughes, a life coach. “Using phone notes that are synced to WiFi or phone data, you can write down all your ideas under subheadings for different projects. Then, at a later date, you can return to these ideas on your laptop or permanent workstation when you have the time and motivation to research them further. This cross-pollination between devices is ideal for busy working professionals who work on several projects at once.”

20 Ways Your Cell Phone Harms Your Health

Owning a cell phone is a fact of life for most of us, but the convenience of having a world of information at our fingertips comes at a price. We work after we’re done working. We’re reachable around the clock. Sometimes it seems like we’re always on call. And your iPhone isn’t just inundating you with post-work emails from work. It’s also having negative effects on your health.

As much as a smartphone is a great way to keep your life organized and on track, smartphones have also been linked to mood and sleep problems by researchers at the University of Gothenburg. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Your phone could also be wreaking havoc on your physical health in myriad ways too. The good news? The 50 Genius Tricks to Improve Your Life can still help counteract the negative effects of your tech addiction.

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