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Woman Dips Chicken Tender in Soda and Takes a Bite, Infuriates Internet

US Weekly logo US Weekly 7/09/2018

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Oh no she didn’t! A woman caught on camera dunking her chicken tender in her cup of soda and then taking a bite is defending the strange food choice after social media harshly criticized her for the unorthodox combo.

Said woman, Alexa Greenfield, was watching the U.S. Open with her nephews on Monday, September 3, when a cameraman caught her just as she was eating her meal. Greenfield, 26, tells Sports Illustrated she picked up the move from her dad when she was a little girl after he told her it helps cool chicken tenders off. “I don’t even know if that was really why he was having me do it,” she told the publication. “I can’t remember not doing it, literally.”

Even though other members of Greenfield’s family picked up the unusual habit, she acknowledged she’s the only one who still gives her chicken a Coke bath before eating it. “Definitely no one brought it into adulthood,” she conceded.

Greenfield, who said she was hungover when she took her chicken tender for a swim, insisted she only dips her chicken in soda “once or twice a year,” and had no idea her routine was being filmed.

In fact, as soon as Greenfield got a text from a friend telling her they saw her on TV dipping a chicken finger in Coke, she knew she was in for a hefty dose of criticism. “I was like, ‘Oh noooo,’” she told Deadspin.

Check out some reactions to Greenfield’s bizarre food practice below:

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