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Men in their 40s have fertility issues just like women

Cover Media logo Cover Media 3 days ago
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When it comes to starting a family, it’s often women who feel the pressure to have children before they hit a certain age.

But new research has found that men also have a biological clock that is ticking just as loudly as their female partner’s, and if they don’t have kids before 45 they risk harming their unborn offspring.

In today’s age, it’s not uncommon for both men and women to focus on their careers, travel and fun before settling down to start a family. And while it’s a widely known fact that a woman’s chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy start to decline after she reaches her 35th birthday, many believe men don’t face the time pressure – but researchers from Rutgers University have dispelled that as a myth.

In the new study, the latest to suggest men also have a biological clock, scientists reviewed four decades worth of research, and determined that men over 45 are less fertile, and the women they impregnate have higher risks of pre-eclampsia (pregnancy-related hypertension), gestational diabetes and preterm birth.

“While it is widely accepted that physiological changes that occur in women after 35 can affect conception, pregnancy and the health of the child, most men do not realise their advanced age can have a similar impact,” said study author Gloria Bachmann.

“Just as people lose muscle strength, flexibility and endurance with age, in men, sperm also tend to lose ‘fitness’ over the life cycle.”

She added that women tend to be more aware and educated than men about their reproductive health, and that most men do not consult with physicians unless they have a medical or fertility issue.

Further results revealed that older men struggled with fertility issues even if their partner was under 25.

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