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I bought two meals at Burger King and was hit with Whopper bill of £700

Mirror logo Mirror 9/08/2016 By mirror

© Provided by Mirror An unsuspecting fast food diner was left with a ‘Whopper’ of a bill after being overcharged for a meal by more than £700 (NZD$1269.89)!

Felicity Cotton, 28, was hit by the mammoth charge on her debit card after visiting a Burger King restaurant and ordering a bacon double cheeseburger and a nacho burger meal.

The hotel manager, from Leamington, didn’t notice the overcharge until two days later and says she wasn’t given a receipt by the restaurant.

After more than a week chasing a refund, she says the money has still not been returned to her account - leaving her worrying about how to pay her bills.

© Provided by Mirror She said: “It was Redditch Burger King, in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre.

I ordered two meals, when I got home one of the meals was actually the wrong order also.

“I realised what had happened when I checked my bank balance in the morning and realised I seemed to be low on funds!

“I felt angry when I found out and very worried as £700 is a lot money to be overcharged, when you have bills to pay and responsibilities. I called the store on the Tuesday to be told no manager was there to help me.

© Provided by Mirror “I managed to speak to an area manager who then got their central accounts team to call me. They apparently processed a refund on Tuesday but this is not in my account yet, and I have chased twice for a copy of the refund receipt to be sent to me.

“Apparently the money may take ten days to appear in my account which is ridiculous.”

Miss Cotton said the whole experience had left her with a bad taste and she would be unlikely to visit Burger King again in the near future.

© Provided by Mirror She added: “No compensation has been offered whatsoever, I tweeted them and no reply, I also wrote an e-mail on Tuesday to their customer service and have had no response.

“I will not be eating there again, until I am offered some kind of sorry and when I get my money back!”

Burger King has been asked for a comment.

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