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Newlywed puts up hilariously bad selects from a disastrous wedding photo album

Coconuts Media logo Coconuts Media 14/04/2016
Oh God.: Photo: Jaclyn Ying Facebook page © Coconuts Media Photo: Jaclyn Ying Facebook page

Wedding photos are supposed to be a pleasing way to recall the moments of a very, very special day, but unfortunately for newlywed Jaclyn Ying, the autofocus in her photo album was set to "absolute s***". 

In a trending Facebook post, Ying explains that she and her husband got the pitifully short end of the stick when they went with a photographer who came together in a package by a "pretty reputable bridal shop". They signed on after reviewing some photos from past projects, thinking "how bad it could possibly be?".

How bad did they turn out to be? According to Ying, it's "first-date-and-you-clog-the-toilet-with-your-pangsai bad". Or even worse, " trust-a-fart-and-a-bit-of-poop-comes-out bad."

And hoo boy, were they bad. Unfocused shots, questionable angles, horrible color edits, and just overall appalling photography. Really, this photographer revolutionizes the way disastrous wedding pictures should be shot.

Ying however assures that she's not out to shame the  people behind the aberrational fiasco that is her wedding day photo album — they've moved past all the stages of grief and are happily accepting the fact that its unsalvageable. 

"We're looking for some redress from the shop at the moment, but nothing is going to take away the fact that our wedding photos by this dude are pretty much ruined," she writes. 

When life gives you lemons, you just simply make a lemon-scented dose of internet humour, and they've shared some hilariously bad highlights (lowlights?) from their album. They really weren't kidding— the purportedly "professional" photography displayed is so bad, they'll make you question the invention of digital cameras.


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