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This Irish child tried bribing his parents with a fiver to stay off school 3/05/2017 Hannah Moran

© Provided by Associated News We’ve all had those days as children (and sometimes adults) where we’d rather do anything other than go to school or work.

One Irish child went above and beyond to convince his parents to leave them off school for a day.

Included with a note to his mammy, this kid actually tried bribing his way out of school…

irish kid tried bribing his parents © Provided by Associated News irish kid tried bribing his parents

The note reads: ‘All this (and more) if you don’t bring me to school today.’

The thoughtful note also included a crisp €5 note, if the promise of ‘and more’ wasn’t enough to convince them.

Mammy Rachel Duffy shared the photo her son left her after he didn’t fancy being dropped off for school.

Posting the photo to Facebook group OMGWACA, Rachel explained her son was desperate to get out of playing hockey in school.

We’re betting it didn’t work on her then…

After the bank holiday last weekend, we don’t blame you for trying kid!

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