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Women swapped at birth raised by wrong mums for decades

Mirror logo Mirror 8/03/2017 Rachel Bishop
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Two women in Russia have been brought up in the wrong family for 34 YEARS after being swapped at birth.

Alisa Tsyrenova and Lyubov Tsyrenova were the only two women to give birth at a hospital in Kurumkan, Siberia on January 21, 1983.

Yet, it's believed medics gave them back the wrong daughter after getting confused because they had the same surname.

Their daughters, Yulia Tsyrenova-Bazarova and Dugarma Tsyrenova, were brought up 250 miles apart in the Republic of Buryatia, where they faced gossip about how they did not appear to be related.

In 2003, Alisa, who is a well-known local artist, brought her 20-year-old daughter to her native district where she was training to be an accountant.

Yulia said: "A woman came up to me and said that I looked like the children of Lyubov and her husband Dashi from Bulak village. I was shocked.

"When I came back home, my mother calmed me down. She said that she was the only one who gave birth that morning. After that we did not talk about this."

But the rumours spread.

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At one point Dugarma lived away from home - ironically with a former classmate of Alisa's Tsytsygma Angabaeva.

"She is an exact copy," said Tsytsygma.

But both mothers found reasons to explain why their daughters looked like certain relatives, not believing there could be a mistake.

But in 2013, when Alisa became seriously ill, she decided to find out the truth about her daughter, with the help of DNA analysis," reported The Siberian Times. 

She and Yulia called Dugarma, but at the time Dugarma refused to get the test.

Alisa's illness worsened, and she wanted to know the truth, so last year she and Yulia took tests, and it was revealed that they were not related.

Yulia said: "Different feelings overwhelmed me.

"I was ready for being told I was not the natural daughter of my mother.

"On the other hand, my mother is Alisa. - she was, is, and always will be."

Alisa and Yulia got in touch with Lyubov and Dugarma - and Dugarma finally agreed to a DNA test.

But the four have had an incredible outlook on the life-changing blunder and recently decided to meet to celebrate Yulia's and Dugarma's 34th birthdays.

Alisa, 56, said a "human factor" must be to blame for the error as they were the only expectant mothers at the hospital at the time.

"It's not a conveyor, like in a big city," she said.

"The drama here is not that one lived better, the other worse. The question is absolutely not this.

"The tragedy is that mothers were deprived of the chance to raise their own children."

Lyubov added: "It's very hard for me, very hard.

Credits: East 2 West © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: East 2 West

"I still cannot believe this. I feel sorry for my daughter, I feel sorry for Yulia.

"How we will move on? We will raise our children, our grandchildren, help. Both of the girls are my daughters."

And the two "swapped children" - both now mothers of two - painted a remarkably optimistic picture for their futures.

Dugarma said: "It is a great joy. It is happiness, it is good luck.

"We need to see the best sides in this."

Yulia said: "How can you change it?

"We're not babies, we have our own lives, our own fate, and children.

"I saw Dugarma for the first time and it was like - that's my mum, young again in front of my eyes."

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