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Skincare trend predictions for 2019

Cover Media logo Cover Media 11/01/2019

© Provided by Cover Media Over the course of 2018, a series of new skincare products have made a splash in the industry.

There's been jelly cleansers and at-home microneedling, and, of course, a whole range of celebrity-endorsed beauty lines, making the ways to achieve a glowing complexion seem almost endless.

But what trends will be big in the next 12 months? Lynn Gray, Mavala national nail and skincare expert, anticipates that consumers will embrace all kinds of anti-ageing formulas.

"One of the biggest predicted trends for 2019 in the skincare market is the continued growth in anti-ageing products, with people now much more aware and informed about skin," she told us. "And those in the Generation Z demographic - people born between the mid-1990s to mid-2000s - are also starting to become concerned about the ageing process."

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Lynn went on to explain that shoppers will be looking to buy environmentally-friendly products with a forward-thinking approach to packaging waste. And skincare junkies will be embracing natural ingredients like never before.

"Any natural ingredient that harnesses its plant-based properties to protect against environmental aggressors will be a strong trend in skincare. For example, green tea and vitamin C. Centella asiatica is another one to look out for, as it helps to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, plus moisturises and repairs, making it ideal for those who suffer from dry, red, or sensitive complexions," the beauty expert commented.

Even though it seems like there are new products released every day, Lynn is certain sleep masks will be the pick of the crop in 2019.

Mavala's Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturising Sleeping Mask has been formulated to rehydrate the face during the night and contains Swiss Mallow Flower for a soothing effect. Other great options on the market include Glossier's Moisturizing Moon Mask, which features sweet almond oil and hyaluronic acid, and Germaine de Capuccini's Night Success Renewing Sleep Mask, a transparent gel mask with a light texture that offers up instant hydration.

"Overnight masks that were inspired by the so-called sleeping packs from South Korea are still going to be a must for that ultimate beauty treatment at home in 2019," added Lynn. "The no-rinse, leave on night-time masks are concentrated with active ingredients to hydrate, moisturise, sooth, plump out or rebalance the skin while you sleep, leaving the skin corrected and treated. Overnight is the best time to intensely treat the face due to the skin's nocturnal activity of detoxifying, repairing and correcting."

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