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The must-see Dior film that dives into the secretive world of perfumery

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 4 days ago Joanna Taylor

Have you ever wondered who created the scent you spritz on every day? Dior’s new film, Nose, directed by Clement Beauvais and Arthur De Kersauson, explores just that.

Following the House Of Dior’s resident perfumer-creator Francois Demachy, who has been with the brand for fifteen years, this picture explores every aspect of the legendary nose’s secretive profession, his inspirations and the careful processes involved in making some of the world’s most popular perfumes.

Capturing the key human relationships that enable Dior to access the very best and most exclusive ingredients, Demachy takes Beauvais and Karsauson on journeys to everywhere from Grasse, where the fashion house grow their own roses, to Sri Lanka, where the team take a small plane, a four wheel drive and undergo a hike through remote villages to discover patchouli in Indonesia.

text: Dior © Provided by Evening Standard Dior

Notoriously elusive, it took Demachy a little while to open up to the idea. “Anyone who knows me would tell you that I’m reserved by nature.” Though he says that he’s not the cryptic one when it comes to his work. “It’s the perfume, more than anything, that is mysterious! We persist in trying to explain it, describe it and dissect it, but it is never completely defined. I believe that a scent is like love – you can’t explain it.”

Jokes aside, of the process involved, Demachy says, “Arthur de Kersauson and Clément Beauvais were very patient onlookers; they came to find me, and endeavoured to show who I am, without misrepresenting me.”

And after two years of filming he thinks that, “In the end, the film NOSE is an authentic way of approaching my profession and what I do, although of course, you are always slightly guarded when you are on camera.”

Fred Korth that is standing in the grass: Perfumer-creator Francois DemachyDior © Provided by Evening Standard Perfumer-creator Francois DemachyDior

For Beauvais and Kersauson, who’ve been friends of Dior for years, Nose was a way of making a “slow film” that reflects the real time it takes to create a perfume. “The patience it required resonated perfectly with what we were filming, as the exceptional raw materials, which are the signature of Dior perfumes, can take years, or even decades to grow. Agricultural slow time reflected our “stretched” film time. This experience was a good lesson in humility.”

a man that is standing in the snow: On set while filming NOSEDior © Provided by Evening Standard On set while filming NOSEDior

A lush and peaceful way to spend an evening on the sofa? Definitely. And to justify that next bottle of Miss Dior, of course.

Available now on Amazon Prime Video Direct.

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