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Anchor light-proof milk bottle claims 'misled consumers'

Newshub logoNewshub 10/08/2017 Newshub staff
Consumer NZ CEO Sue Chetwin on The AM Show. © Newshub. Consumer NZ CEO Sue Chetwin on The AM Show.

Consumer NZ has hit out at Anchor, after the dairy giant claimed light-proof packaging would protect the vitamins and nutrients in milk.

Anchor launched the product to much public frenzy four years ago. Today, Consumer NZ presented the results of its tests on the milk.

"The packaging really makes no difference," said CEO Sue Chetwin on The AM Show.

"We decided that we'd have a look at these opaque bottles - there had been a lot of fanfare around their launch a few years ago that they were designed to protect the vitamins," says Ms Chetwin. 

Consumer NZ tested trim milk, where the vitamin degradation is highest, and found that the opaque bottles were no better at protecting the bottles than anything else found on the market.

Ms Chetwin says she reached out to Anchor for response, and was surprised to find they agreed with her findings.

"Interestingly, they agreed with us. They've now changed their claims on the website basically saying... it's all about taste," says Ms Chetwin. 

"A couple of misleading things there, and I think it's worrying from a consumer perspective."

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