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Millionaire 'Bucket List Family' share incredible pictures of swimming with whales and watching turtles during round-world trip

Mirror logo Mirror 9/06/2016
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A tech millionaire and his wife and two young children - known online as the Bucket List Family - have been sharing their unbelievable pictures of their round-the-world dream trip.

The young family have turned the Internet green with envy after posting pics of their incredible jet-setting adventures over nine months.

Millionaire Garrett Gee, 25, set off with his wife, Jessica, 29, and their two children, Dorothy, 3, and Manilla, 1, on the dream trip after selling his mobile scanning app QR to Snapchat in 2014 for £37million.

Since then the picture perfect family have ticked much of the Pacific Ocean off their bucket list and completed a number of jaw-dropping activities like abseiling, swimming with sperm whales in Dominica and pigs in the Caribbean.

They have also watched Leatherback turtles lay eggs and Garrett has even swum with sharks.

© Provided by Mirror Among just some of the envious pit stops they have shared on their YouTube channel and Instagram account are Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and many more.

Explaining their motivation for the trip on their website The Bucket List Family they say: "We were going to take the typical next step in life and 'grow up' and build a house and settle into careers but how bout not.

"We're not quite ready for that. We feel like we still have so much to learn about life and happiness before we can set up our future life and home.

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"That's why we started our family bucket list. We decided as a young family that now was the time to form healthy habits and create traditions that will hopefully shape us into better people the rest of our lives."

They admit there have been a few mishaps along the way - including when Garrett caught Zika virus from a mosquito in Dominica and when daughter Dorothy slipped in the shower and cut her chin - but they say the good outweighs the bad.

The couple from Utah, USA, took the adventurous leap last year - banking their millions, selling most their possessions and packing the rest into two backpacks.

Since then they have been living off the $45,000 they made from the sale of their belongings.

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They originally planned to travel for six months, returning in December 2015, but nearly a year later they have no plans of returning.

Jessica said: "We have always loved to travel but before this, our longest trip with the children was one week.

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"When my husband and I would travel before we had children we could be as adventurous or risky and frugal as we wanted.

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"We could sleep on a couch, or save money by staying in a sketchy part of town.

"But traveling with our children has changed things a lot.

"At first we tried travelling with a nanny but that was too expensive for us so now we just find a local nanny to help whenever we need. Also, we no longer sleep on couches.

"Now, we spend the extra money to make sure we're staying at nice places in safe areas.

"However, it's all totally worth it every time we arrive to a new country and explore a new place together as a family.

"Our kids make traveling more enjoyable and more rewarding and we're grateful for these memories we're gathering together.

"We really loved it even more so than we thought we would and the children were doing great so we decided to keep going.

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"Now, we've been going over nine months with no end in sight."

However, Jessica did admit travelling with kids has its own health hazards.

She added: "The most stressful times are travel days.

"Our kids do really well on flights and long journeys but travel days are just difficult.

"Our travels have been filled with many highs but also some lows.

"It was a scary day in Thailand when our little girl Dorothy slipped in the shower and cut her chin.

"We had to rush her to the hospital for stitches. It was scary but the doctor and nurses in Thailand took great care of us and everything worked out well."

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Garrett also caught the Zika Virus from a mosquito in Dominica, but Jessica insists the good times have far outnumbered the bad.

She said: "There have been major highlights like the time Garrett touched the tail of a mother humpback whale while swimming in the waters of Tonga.

"Or the 10 days we spent living on a sailboat in beautiful Bora Bora.

"We just left Dominica where we swam with sperm whales and watched great leather back turtles lay their eggs."

The couple, who married in 2009, have extended an open invitation to friends and family to join them along the trip.

© Provided by Mirror Jessica added: "We plan a lot of our travels and activities around lessons we hope for our children to learn.

"Traveling to different cultures all around the world is a wonderful way to develop kind hearts, a love for the planet, and open minds towards all people from all different backgrounds.

"There have also been countless moments of simple love and goodness. Times like late night hot tub sessions as a family just chatting and laughing.

"Perhaps above everything, the greatest blessing of these travels has been the unique amount of quality time we're spending together as a family."

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