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Millionaire flies window cleaner 1,000 miles to clean holiday villa

AOL Money UK logo AOL Money UK 15/05/2016 Sarah Coles

window cleaner flown to Majorca© Provided by AOL Inc. window cleaner flown to Majorca It can be tricky tracking down a good tradesperson, so when you find someone you trust, you understandably don't want to use anyone else. One millionaire has taken this logic to the extreme. He found window cleaner Luke Raynor when he came to clean his windows in Sandbanks in Dorset, and was so impressed that he asked him to do the windows of his other house - in Majorca.

The Western Daily Press reported that the homeowner flew 27-year-old Luke 1,000 miles to the Bay of Palma, to spend a week cleaning the windows of his £8 million villa.

Luke explained that the multi-million pound pads in Sandbanks often feature acres of glass, so he has developed techniques for ensuring that the glass gleams. The owner paid for him to take those techniques to Majorca - and train up a couple of local cleaners while he was there.

Luke told the Mirror that the whole week was paid for by the exacting owner - so could easily have run to hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Not the first

This isn't the first time that the mega-wealthy have spent an astonishing sum in order to get hold of an expert in a far flung location. The Sultan of Brunei was said to have had the most expensive haircut in the world - when he flew the Dorchester Hotel's barber over to give him a trim - via a private suite on a Singapore Airlines flight - at an estimated cost of £16,000.

In 2009 President Obama ordered out for pizza from The White House. The most unusual aspect to the story was that he had a hankering for a pizza place he had tried on the campaign trail in St Louis, so he flew the chef over with his dough and sauce, to cook up a pizza feast.

Last year Kim Kardashian admitted that she once flew to Paris for a day, just so she could have a slice of her favourite cheesecake at Hotel Costes when she was pregnant.

Unsurprisingly her husband has a similar tale of excess. In 2007, Kanye West ordered a takeaway. However, he decided to order a curry from the British Raj restaurant in Rogerstone near Newport in South Wales. The restaurant prepared a five foot long Ayre fish, and flew it - along with the head chef - by helicopter to Heathrow and then by plane to New York. It was the centrepiece of a £2,000 feast created by the restaurant, which also featured poppadoms and naan bread.

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