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Uber to ban strangers from flirting with each other in Pool cars

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 9/12/2016 Saphora Smith
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Uber is to ban strangers from flirting or touching each other in a bid to crackdown on “inappropriate or unsafe behaviour" in its shared car service Uber Pool.

In a new set of rules released yesterday, Uber said touching fellow passengers, flirting or asking if they were single was unacceptable and could lead to a permanent ban.

The new guidelines currently only apply in the US but the firm said similar rules would likely be introduced in the UK soon.

Vandalism, leaving rubbing in the car and “throwing up in the back seat after too much alcohol” are also prohibited.

The regulations also offer a guide to etiquette, saying it is “common courtesy not to shout, swear or slam the car door.”

The company has also banned "inappropriate or abusive language or gestures" such as "asking overly personal questions" or "making comments or gestures that are aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful."

Several of the rules relate to sexual misconduct. There have been a number of cases where Uber drives have been accused of rape and sexual assault since the app was launched in 2009.

In guidelines that appeared to be aimed at Uber Pool users – a cheaper service where passengers share the car with others travelling in the same direction – the company said: “You shouldn’t touch or flirt with other people in the car.”

Drivers were also banned from flirting.

The company said: “As a reminder, Uber has a no sex rule. That’s no sexual conduct between drivers and riders, no matter what.”

This is the first time the private-hire service has issued guidelines for passengers as it said anyone who flouts the rules could be permanently banned from using the service.

In a statement published along with the new rules Uber said: “ We want Uber to be enjoyable and safe for everyone.

"Most riders show drivers the respect they deserve. But some don’t—whether it’s leaving trash in the car, throwing up in the back seat after too much alcohol or asking a driver to break the speed limit so they can get to their appointment on time.

“That kind of poor behaviour is not ok.”

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