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Comment: Duncan Garner: Mr fix-it drowning in cash, so why the broken promises?

Newshub logoNewshub 17/05/2018 Duncan Garner

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Grant Robertson is one lucky Finance Minister, but radical and bold he is not. 

Transformational perhaps? Hardly.

Robertson inherited the lucky golden ticket called the rockstar economy of New Zealand. Billions of dollars that he didnt expect to have - the net result of an economy that is steaming ahead. 

Robertson had choices and its no surprise that he poured money into the massive black holes called health and education.

Someone send Robertson a life raft because he's drowning in cash. If National had a resting bitch face today you could hardly blame them because Robertson was spending all their hard work.

But where was the fancy new creative plan, Robertson's stamp if you like? I've sent in a search party but they can't find it. It's called business as usual. Boring - just how Robertson wants it. 

Robertson is actually the chosen one, the favourite child, drowning in dough but he's still failed to deliver on what he and his party promised just a few months ago. 

Finance Minister Grant Robertson © Getty Finance Minister Grant Robertson That's the ultimate reality check - all this money and still Robertson can't claim to voters that he kept his word. 

Put simply, Labour promised everyone a new kitchen sink but didn't order enough of them. 

Labour has failed to fund a planned new giant prison, Dunedin's new hospital remains an empty promise and misses out on funding

And if you can find 1800 new cops on the beat over the next three years then I suggest you're a magician because it won't happen. They ain't there. 

Still, Robertson should have thanked National for nine years of penny-pinching and getting the books in such good order.

But there's no room for grace today and Robertson would have to be a drunken drongo to have screwed this up.

He's spending $11.4b extra over four years - health and education hoover up so much of that and he can still post a $3b surplus today. 

There's 6400 new state houses over four years but 10,000 people want a solution now. 

Welcome to Government, Grant. You passed the test today but you ain't perfect. 

Your free student fees policy is a bribe and it meant you failed to deliver cheaper doctor visits for all. Priorities first, bribes second. Please.


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