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Consumer laws not well understood: Survey

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 9/05/2017

Nearly everyone knows there are laws that protect consumer rights but very few people fully understand them, a survey has shown.

The survey, run by Consumer Protection, found that 96 percent of Kiwis were aware the laws existed.

But only eight percent said they knew "a lot" about them, and 44 percent reported knowing "a moderate amount".

Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean says that means many people would benefit from brushing up their knowledge - she's recommending they take a look at

The survey also showed that 68 percent of respondents chose to take action to resolve their most recent consumer rights issue.

"Consumers should feel empowered to seek a resolution when their rights are not met," Ms Dean said.

"This means being able to recognise when there has been a problem and asking businesses to make things right - there are remedies available."

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