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Tamaki-led anti-Govt demonstration 'now dispersed' - Police

Newshub logo Newshub 4 days ago Lauren Hendricksen
Tamaki-led anti-Govt demonstration 'now dispersed' - Police
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Police say protesters at the Auckland Domain on Saturday have "now dispersed" after the protests finished "without issue".

Brian Tamaki's Freedoms and Rights Coalition group, which shut down Auckland's Southern Motorway last month, hosted another demonstration, while there was also a counter-protest taking place.

Tamaki's anti-Government group gathered at Auckland Domain at 11am for a "patriots day and march".

There was also a counter-protest called 'FARC off Brian' - with the organiser saying the demonstration will display messages of inclusion and diversity, and show support for public health measures against COVID-19.

In what was being described as a "police incident", Waka Kotahi said Auckland's State Highway 1 Khyber Pass and Symonds St on/off ramp was closed. 

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The coalition's website said the reason for the protest is to show a "united movement" of "patriotic Kiwis" wanting to get "New Zealand back again", to "put the Government on notice that Kiwis have had enough"; and to "unite freedom fighters across [the] North Island".

The website said there will be another protest in Christchurch later this month and a convoy from Kaitaia to Wellington, called "the great Kiwi roadtrip", has been planned. They are also calling for a "snap election" and a "mass Parliament clean out".

The counter-protest organiser, Mark Graham, told Newshub he along with many other Kiwis are fed up with the misinformation and selfishness led by Tamaki's Freedoms and Rights Coalition group.

"Our intention with our protest is to keep it light, keep it fun, celebrate diversity, absolutely be non-confrontational and non-violent."

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In an update on Saturday afternoon, Auckland City East Area Commander Inspector Jim Wilson said the protests had seen around 500 people gather in the Auckland Domain.

"While there were no arrests or incidents of note, police will complete a review phase in the coming weeks to determine if any follow-up action is required," he said in a statement.

"The police focus today remained on balancing the safety of all protesters and the public, while acknowledging the right to protest peacefully and lawfully."

Earlier, some motorway on and off-ramps were temporarily closed by Waka Kotahi to minimise disruption. Inspt Wilson said these have now reopened and there are no further issues.

"We would like to thank the members of the public who deferred their travel through the affected areas today and acknowledge those that were inconvenienced," he said.

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